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Interval Training Benefits

Interval training is beginning to gain more and more popularity among athletes as well as ordinary people who want to keep their heart healthy or lose weight trough intense cardiovascular exercise. Fitness experts claim that interval training is the secret that can get you closer to your fitness goals faster than other conventional fitness methods of exercise but the benefits of interval training don't stop here.

Interval training is basically a method of training that implies alternating high intensity exercises with lower intensity exercises that are believed to boost physical performance. Lower intensity exercises are designed are considered a form of active rest while high intensity exercises are designed to raise your heart rate and help you burn calories.

Studies have shown that short sessions of high intensity workouts might prove to be more effective than longer workout sessions with lower intensity exercises. If you are just starting out with interval training exercises you should talk to a certified trainer in order to establish the best program for you.

Interval training can be highly beneficial for everyone however, those who are suffering from high blood pressure,heart disease or are over the age of 60 should consult a doctor before starting interval training. Interval training should also be avoided during pregnancy for obvious reasons. The numerous health benefits of regular interval training has convinced a lot of people to include interval training into their exercise routines. Here are the most important health benefits of interval training:

It adds variety to your fitness routine: If your exercise routine consists of low intensity exercises at a steady pace, it is quite natural to get bored relatively fast. One easy way to avoid boredom and and add fun and excitement to your exercise routine is to add interval training. This is especially useful when your exercise routine becomes too easy for you and when you need a challenge to overcome the weight loss plateau.

Improved fitness performance: Because interval training is very challenging and requires a lot of effort, your body must quickly learn to adjust to the effort and as a result your fitness performance improves in a matter of weeks. The better your fitness level is the easier your physical performance increases. Your recovery time also improves.

Endorphins: The burst of energy you get from including interval training to your exercise routine helps is one of the best natural antidepressants known to man. Endorphins are usually released in greater quantity during high intensity exercises and the rush you get from these exercises usually lasts all day. Your stress levels are greatly minimized as well. You will be able to concentrate better and your decision making capabilities will improve as well.

Better results in less time: Most people use lack of time as an excuse to skip exercise. With interval training this excuse doesn't hold so much ground as you will be able to to complete a regular exercise session in less time and you will also be able to burn more calories as your metabolism starts speeding up.

Improved oxygen efficiency and slower heart rate: Like any cardiovascular activity, interval training can rapidly improve pulmonary capacity and slow down heart rate, which means your heart will remain healthy and activities that normally require a great amount of effort will quickly become a lot easier. Your immune system will get stronger which means that regular colds can become a thing of the past.

Disease prevention and control: It's a well known fact that regular exercise can prevent a wide range of serious and even life threatening conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other types of chronic illnesses. Studies have shown that exercise can even eliminate the need for certain types of medication. Interval training can intensify these positive effects as long as it is not being overdone.

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