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Exercises to Increase Flexibility

The methods to increase flexibility are infinite since it is one of the most important factors that all world-wide known trainers have in mind when perfecting their exercise plan. In spite of the fact that similar moves won't make you get rid of the extra pounds, still these would contribute to the efficiency of the other types of exercises that target weight loss. Improving the quality of the join structure as well as muscles and boosting strength are all the main objectives of a similar training. Flexibility is one of the most essential conditions to adopt a healthy lifestyle and devote enough energy to the polishing of our bones and muscles and other body parts.

Benefits of Flexibility

Learning more about the benefits of flexibility is a must to be convinced that we really do need the following exercises. Skimming through these would offer us the chance to realize the importance of improving the condition of the joints as well as take advantage of our muscles. A regular and balanced workout routine can put our life on the right track and contribute both to weight loss as well as the maintenance of the desired silhouette. These are some of the most common benefits of a spotless flexibility worth knowing more about.

  • Mobility: Those who have problems when they are exposed to exhausting physical activities might long for a better and flawless mobility. Flexibility is indeed the must have factor that is necessary to master the activities that belong to our daily routine. Moreover some would even suffer from various injuries that are the direct result of the inability to move with ease and any difficulties.

  • Back Pain Reducer: Flexibility exercises and implicitly stretching have the effect to minimize the chances for the formation of lower back pains. All you have to do is devote extra time to train your muscles in this critical area with the proper moves and you'll be able to get rid of the stubborn aches that can cause endless discomfort and pain.

  • Great Balance: Controlling your body is the most important condition to have a spotless sense of coordination and also balance. These are some of the paramount abilities that dominate our daily activities.

    Relying on a weak sense of coordination might lead to severe health problems and injuries. Improve these qualities to live your life fully without being restricted to any circumstances and conditions.

  • Stress Reducer: These exercises aim to not only strengthen your muscles but also eliminate the accumulate tension from these sections. This is one of the key elements to enhance the efficiency of stretching exercises. Those who struggle with job or relationship stress might not be able to release their body from this burden. Therefore breathing exercises paired with a flexibility increasing workout will serve as a miraculous remedy to protect their physical and emotional state.

  • Increase Flexibility Exercises

    Stretching might seem simple however there are some important guidelines to follow when we engage into a similar workout plan. Ruling out the chance of injuries is of crucial essence, consequently follow the instructions with precision to furnish your body with a healing rather than damaging relaxation session.

  • It is a common mistake that a workout class starts with stretching. In fact in order to initiate this important phase it is necessary to do some Cardio workouts. These should last at least 5-10 minutes. Walk, jog or swim as a warm up. Stretching should be done preferably in the morning since this is the ideal moment of the day when the muscles are still relaxed and the efficiency is guaranteed.

  • As the warm up is done, start with your upper body, namely shoulders. Roll them in the limits of your pain endurance level. Keep your posture straight and lift the arms upwards, push them up and release. Do this for at least 10 times with each arm, keep the feet wide and knees relaxed. Proceed to the next move and raise your shoulders and try to touch your ears. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times on each part. Breathing is essential, keeping the oxygen inside when stretching might cause discomfort and is a 'no-'no, instead relax and breathe naturally to boost the chances for the visible results.

  • Start training your back to prevent any injuries and increase the resistance of the muscles in this critical and sensitive spot. Maintain your flawless posture and approach your hands and try to depart them as far as possible from the chest.

    This is the key element that would secure the stretching of the back. Round your back if necessary stay inside the limits of your physical abilities and be gentle with your muscles. Release and repeat it at least 10 times.

  • Side bending is the next step to further stretch our muscles and joints. Keep your feet apart and make sure you have the proper support. The back is straight as well as the arms, stay relaxed rather than firm and filled with tension. Bend to the side and stay there for a few seconds, make sure you reach until its safe. Then come up, do the same way to the other side. Devote enough time to the stretching process. 6-8 seconds is the ideal time to keep muscles stretched and enhance the success of your workout session.Do this step for at least 10 times to both sides.

  • Torso twists are also some of the most important steps to increase flexibility. Keep your body straight and feet apart. Place your hands either on your hips or keep them lifted and parallel with the ground. Start twisting slowly and with care, make sure only the middle part stretches and you won't turn with your legs. Focus on the torso rather than legs, proceed the similar way on the other way round and concentrate on the proper breathing. Make at least 10 of this type of exercise to both sides.

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